Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cody turns 2 Months!

Sweet Baby Cody was 2 months yesterday! Time has flown by... he continues to be such a sweet laid back baby. Hopefully this weekend I will get some pictures of both the boys... Eric isn't keen on the idea of getting Cody's picture taken every month like I did with Drew. So now that I have a good camera, I get to take them!

We had Cody's 2 month well baby today. He weighed in at 12lb 6oz... a full pound heavier than his brother at this age! He got 4 shots, and I'm not going to lie... the nurses had to hand me a tissue because I hated seeing my little guy hurt like that! He has had a rather good day though aside from that! He is generally sleeping at night from 11:00-4:30a.m., and we moved him to his crib last night.

Drew is still sweet as can be, with occassional bouts of "NO MOMMY!" here and there. The doctor told me today that yes... this is a mix of the terrible two's mixed with his new brother joining the family. We give him lots of love and attention and just pray this attitude goes away soon enough. haha... We still have Gymboree on Fridays, and a playgroup that meets every other Monday. Grandma alternates watching Cody for a few hours one Wednesday, and having Drew the other... so Drew and I have a "date" day, where we go to the park, pool, etc. He loves it, and I love having some quality time with my buddy.

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  1. He's so cute!! He totally looks like Drew in these pictures. Love it :)