Monday, May 24, 2010

Owens Farm Playdate

Every other Monday, we have a playdate with a fun group of kiddos. Today we went to Owens Farm in Richardson and Drew loved the animals... horses, goats, chickens, geese, etc. Most of all, he loved the train and the tractor that pulled us on the hayride! It was a little hot out, but the kids had a great time!
Drew with his buddy Jake

On the hay ride
Drew and Jake on the hay ride

Kaitlin, Landry and Drew by the "choo choo's"

On the "train"; Notice Liz... Kaitlin wanted her to ride...7 months pregnant! haha!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday adventure

The Preakness was on Saturday, and we all enjoyed looking at the horses on TV... but Drew seemed to REALLY love the horses! He would ask me for a horse, and I would say "go ask Daddy"... so he would go ask Eric for a horse (specifically, a BLUE horses). And back and forth all day. When he went to bed we finally said, "Ok, Drew... we will see the horses tomorrow." (thinking he would surely forget about the dang horses overnight). What is the first thing out of his mouth Sunday morning? HORSES! So living in the 'burbs as we do, there are two horses down the street. We load up the boys in the strollers and head down to the horses in scorching heat and humidity.

These are the beautiful horses...

And this is Drew's reaction when he saw the horses...

He freaked out!!! They came right up and let me pet them. Drew was on Eric's shoulders and still pansied out! So we decided Drew is "all talk"... he'll talk about the cool forklift or skid steer (yes, I know what those are...) next door and when we go up to the big ole machine he flips out! But he wouldn't stop talking about the horses. So... as said in my last post, I still needed to get Cody's two month pictures. We go to the nearby park, and this is the best picture we got...

This is typical of what we expected from Drew right now! Dropping his brother to pick his nose... gotta love it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cody turns 2 Months!

Sweet Baby Cody was 2 months yesterday! Time has flown by... he continues to be such a sweet laid back baby. Hopefully this weekend I will get some pictures of both the boys... Eric isn't keen on the idea of getting Cody's picture taken every month like I did with Drew. So now that I have a good camera, I get to take them!

We had Cody's 2 month well baby today. He weighed in at 12lb 6oz... a full pound heavier than his brother at this age! He got 4 shots, and I'm not going to lie... the nurses had to hand me a tissue because I hated seeing my little guy hurt like that! He has had a rather good day though aside from that! He is generally sleeping at night from 11:00-4:30a.m., and we moved him to his crib last night.

Drew is still sweet as can be, with occassional bouts of "NO MOMMY!" here and there. The doctor told me today that yes... this is a mix of the terrible two's mixed with his new brother joining the family. We give him lots of love and attention and just pray this attitude goes away soon enough. haha... We still have Gymboree on Fridays, and a playgroup that meets every other Monday. Grandma alternates watching Cody for a few hours one Wednesday, and having Drew the other... so Drew and I have a "date" day, where we go to the park, pool, etc. He loves it, and I love having some quality time with my buddy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Chloe's shower

Eric's cousin, Dennis, and his wife Kristen had baby Chloe back in February at just 25 weeks. She is such a miracle baby and will be coming home soon! These are pictures from her shower tonight.

We never get family pictures, and since I am the photographer most of the time, I rarely am in any pictures! So Lex took some pics tonight for us! They had horses, a trampoline (that Drew LOVED!), and yummy margaritas, beer, and bbq (that Eric and I loved!).

Feeding the Ducks/Terrible Two's???

So... our "perfect most of the time" Drew is NOT so perfect anymore! He is testing his boundaries, and acting VERY whiney for Mommy, which is definitely not his norm. We decided Wednesday to have Pam watch Cody for a few hours so Drew and I could have some quality time together. I guess the problem stems from a jealousy of Cody, because he was an absolute angel! These are pictures from our walk... we fed the ducks and geese, and the turtles. We even ran into a few snakes in the bank, but steered clear of them. Drew wanted to feed the snakes... I told him that snakes don't like Goldfish (our duck food), they like 2 year old little boys! Bless his heart... Drew is truly one of the sweetest kids (spoken like a true mom!)... he just isn't sure he likes sharing the attention quite yet!