Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nighty Night

Is it so bad that one of our favorite times of day is Drew's "night night" time? One down for the to go! It starts with a bath and t-t on the potty. Brush his teeth, read some books ("TRUCK BOOKS"), grab Buddy and Big Buddy (his blankets), and Daddy does "airplane" into his bed. Than Drew says good night and gives kisses to "baby Cody", Mommy, and Daddy. Daddy does tickle torture and pretends he is going to sleep, and bham... Drew is good to go! All by 7:45 at the latest! He always likes Cody to lay by him for just a second... than he is like... okay, enough Mom... get him OFF my big boy bed! haha!

Drew is extremely sweet to his little brother...most 2 year olds you have to worry about them being too rough, etc. with babies. Not Drew! He is very sweet and kisses, points to his nose, eyes, belly, etc. He is involved with diaper changes, baths, etc. Needless to say, we didn't expect this, and are pleasantly suprised that we don't have to worry too much about Drew harming Cody accidentally. When Cody is not around he asks about "baby Cody" as if he misses him. How cute!
Eric likes this picture because it is Cody (at about 2 weeks) in his "Navy" gear...even wearing Navy socks! We look forward to taking the boys to Annapolis to a football game when they get older. Maybe next year?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just a bit behind...

It was brought to my attention (by my little brother) that I am more than a "little" behing on blogging. He also mentioned that some recent major milestones have not been posted... such as our big move, the birth of Cody, etc. So I have a lot of catching up to do, but not a whole lot of free time to do it in!

Here goes nothing...

Cody Caughey (pronounced Coy--it was my mom's maiden name, and is my brother and nephews middle name... they say we stole it, but we say you can't steal a family name!) was born on March 12, 2010. He was a 1/4 oz. shy of 8 pounds and was 19 inches long. Cody is such a sweet baby... rarely fusses, and is so cuddly (unlike his big brother who was a bit more dramatic at this age!)

Here are some pictures from his birthday.

The surgery was flawless and my recovery was pretty dang easy... much better than Drew's experience let's put it that way! I didn't leave th hospital in a wheelchair with a walked in the that is a plus!
The first two weeks, Cody had his nights and days mixed up. My mom was in town to help out and let me nap during the day, as well as do our laundry, take care of Drew, cook dinner, etc. You know... spoil us rotten.
More posts to come... it may take me a while to catch up. I will probably just pick up with Cody's birth. The months before that were just chaos anyways...moving, TURNING 30 (yuk!), etc.