Saturday, October 24, 2009

Navy vs. SMU

Go Navy! They won in overtime...

The sister-in-law's at the tailgate

The Reed Fam at the tailgate

The "girls"... Lea Anne, Crystal, Linds, me, and Morgan

Eric was very proud of his sign on his tailgate spot

Hanging out at the tailgate

The birthday boys: Wags, Radich, and Eric

Drew hates taking pictures with his mommy! Boo hoo hoo!

After I took away his drill

Somebody gave his a REAL drill (the thing weighed like 8 pounds!) and he was drilling a hole in the tree. It was the coolest thing in the world to him, but I freaked out when I walked out the door and saw that! He was also running around with wire cutters...guess when I leave him under the watch of 10 guys playing washers in the front yard after a long day of golf and beer, this is to be expected!

I am playing catch up this weekend with the blog. Pregnant, home with the swine flu, and whining because it is a gorgeous weekend. Notice I just put in pictures from Labor Day weekend TODAY! Ha!

In any case, Eric turned 30 on September 18, along with one of his very best friends, Michael Wagoner (aka "Wags"). Being the wonderful wives that we are (haha), Lindsay and I planned a fun filled weekend for the Navy vs. SMU football game. Friends came in town, and it was action packed for 3 days (thus...Courtney getting run down and getting sick...but I'm not It was certainly a weekend to that in the end Eric and Wags certainly helped out a whole lot putting together (who knew you had to RENT tailgate spots at SMU? We just thought you showed up!) Maybe football should be left to the guys, and the party planning to the girls! We all had a blast, and in the end Navy won in overtime!

Labor Day weekend

The kiddos had so much fun dancing at the wedding! Tristan, Tyler, Sophie and Drew are sitting on the fireplace... to get them to this place took the work of 4 mommies cheering really loud! It was funny...we'll always have that little bit of annoying cheerleader in us! haha!!!

Nanny gave Drew a piggy back ride...
"Daddy duty"--Eric and Jason watching Drew and Tristan. My how Chrissy and I have grown up! = )

Drew strutting his stuff (as we try to prevent him from walking into the pool) outside the reception

The beautiful bride (Court) and I

Drew got his first toolset...and oh my gosh has it been the biggest hit! Black and Decker...Costco for $19.99...if you have a boy, it is a MUST have! All battery operated and super annoying to listen to, but I can't tell you how much fun Drew has had using his "big boy" tools!