Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer pics

We have had lots of fun this summer! Going to San Antonio to visit Nanny and Papaw (Drew made Papaw go up the stairs at La Cantera no less than 5 times!), doing lawnwork (with his own big boy lawn mower), going to the waterpark, etc. Okay... so by waterpark I mean going to the Tribute neighborhood splash park, and reaching through the gate to get in. Haha... it is a blast though! We have had many playdates there with Drew, Hudson, Brayden, etc. Cute boys running around the 1 ft. deep water, sliding down slides, etc.... so sweet! Drew always comes home with a lot of "oww-wie's." One mother said it just right-- "Drew lives in fast forward". Everything he does, he does fast, and with lots of passion. He RUNS up the stairs, and flies down the slide, and RUNS to do it again! Even at Gymboree, the same mom said she gets dizzy watching him go from one activity to another. My mom and I find ourselves yelling "COLIN!!!!" instead of Drew sometimes... they remind us so much of each other! Is this a good thing??? Haha... just kidding, Colin. My mother in law said it right too... Drew will always be a "participant" in life... never the bystander. Couldn't say it better myself, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Love my little boy!

Elexis and Chris get married!!!

August 15th Lex and Chris tied the knot! It was such a fun weekend... we got to see family from out of town, etc. which is always nice. Of course... it was only a few months ago that Ash got married, so it hadn't been TOO long! Nanny came in town to watch Drew and acted as our chauffer for the weekend... dropping Drew off, picking him up, etc.... it made our weekend perfect! Elexis was a beautiful bride, and Chris a handsome groom. Drew came to the reception for a couple of hours, and had a BALL! He did not want to leave... hello... candy stations??? Unlimited amounts of jelly beans??? Heaven! And of course, Markie (the Reed's neighbor who is 3 weeks older than Drew) and Drew ran around like two crazy kids. She chased him everywhere... Eric was proud... he said his son has "it". Oh geez. So as for the newlyweds..they will move just a few streets over from us, and they get to babysit ALL the time (haha...) Congrats on a wonderful wedding and fun weekend Lex and Chris!

Trip to Austin

We went to Austin a few weeks ago for Meredith's 30th birthday and to see the Freytags. It was so much fun! Drew got to hang out with Cooper (Casey and Chris's son) and Reed (Jordan and Chad's son). He entertained himself the whole time with the doggie door... it seems it was the perfect size for little Drew man! In the doggie door, around to the big door, outside, and start all over again. For hours... Whatever it takes to entertain a toddler works for me!