Friday, July 3, 2009

More Summer Fun

This pool has been fun for Drew this summer... each time we bring it out both he and Molly have a great time! Eric was home this time when we brought it out and he was "shocked" at how much water it took to fill it up (we are on water rationing in Frisco... whoops). How can I say no to that sweet face though? We turned on the music outside, brought out some cold Corona, and had a Happy Hour at the Reed house!

Gymboree Friday's

Since Drew was about 3 months, I have been taking him every Friday to Gymboree classes. Yes, I know these type of things are more for the parents than the kids (it makes us feel like we are helping their development... haha!) but Drew truly has an absolute blast there. My mom comes with me when she is in town, and loves to see how crazy and fun Drew is! It has been neat as a mommy to see him progress and "grow" through the different levels, and see how different each stage of his life is. Different, but F-U-N!!! From not even being able to sit up at the beginning, to now climbing ladders, sliding down slides, and throwing balls through the hoop! It is certainly something we look forward to every Friday!